Start-Up Services

Our expert services include:

  • Identifying office location
    • Using proprietary technology, we analyze based on 1) Demographics, 2) Competitive Analysis, 3) UCR data (allowable fee schedules) and 4) Grassroots Evaluation of the Property to make sure it is optimized for space, volume, adequate parking and access routes from major highways
    • Feasibility Analysis – Break Even point, Business plan development
  • Negotiating: Rental Fees, Buildout (Tenant Improvement), Concessions, Closing Costs, Managing Certificate of Occupancy, Attaining proper business licenses
  • Setup of Organizational and Business structure for the clinical entity
  • Negotiate Real Estate Purchase or Acquisition for select clients – Due Diligence Period Management, Administrative Processes, Streamline communications with Brokers, and Legal, Environmental Analysis, Attaining appropriate Business Licensing, Obtain General Liability Coverage, Operating Agreements, Creation/Maintenance of Organizational Structure of the company, Calculating Rental Fees, Managing Proper Appraisals
  • Ensure Financing – PFS, due diligence, guidance on rates, negotiate lending rates, leverage established relationships with banks, pursue alternative financing
  • Creating space layout, Work directly with the General Contractors, Architects and Project Manager
  • Purchasing and arranging furnishings, equipment, create Lease options, negotiate with suppliers, inventory management of supplies and proper on-time, ordering
  • Hiring staff – training clinical and nonclinical staff, establish standard operating procedures, employee handbook, clinical algorithms, HR management setup and risk management
  • Pre-marketing program – Design business cards, brochures, internet campaigns, commercials, online and media advertisements, banners; contacting local vendors for grassroots campaigns, scheduling lunches/dinners, Grand Opening arrangements, PR marketing to local media outlets of events etc.
  • Set-up EMR: executing templates and creating new ones; establish IT infrastructure, phones, computers, alarm systems, media equipment
  • Manage purchase, lease agreements for medical supplies, on-time delivery, pricing negotiations, interest rate comparisons, DME purchases
  • Set-up Clinic AnalyticsTM training staff and administrative staff or physician managers on the app, software and e-clinical as well, design of templates and use of mobile devices
  • Develop relationships with lawyers, healthcare providers and partnerships with local businesses and initiate/design the referral system
  • Strategic management of expansion plans (satellite clinics, merger and acquisition strategies):
    • Sales, M&A and valuations
    • Group Formation
    • Expense control and accounts payable

Beyond Startup, services include the following:


  • Physician Management
    • Compensation, benefits, bonuses, distributions
    • Physician hiring
  • Risk Management
    • Development of compliance plans
    • Internal risk management procedures
    • Professional Liability and overhead insurance
    • Practice property and casualty
    • Compliance audits
    • Investment platform and risk diversification strategies for wealth generation
  • Management of Physical Design and Flow
    • Space needs assessment and floor plan analysis
    • Property Acquisition or lease negotiation
    • Clinical, office, computer equipment
    • Lease vs. Purchase analysis
    • Surgical Center Setup

    Once the clinic is open and is beyond the startup phase, the summary of services are delineated but are executed by the in-house clinical practice manager that is trained by P4M; P4M will oversee the manager’s performance and provide feedback to improve his/her performance and if necessary, fire the underperforming managers. The office manager will in essence be an extension of P4M at the clinical level. The manager will be able to execute on the following:

  • Management of Front Office
    • Patient reception/registration
    • Telephone protocol
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Precertification of procedures
    • Medical record managements
    • Productivity Measures and evaluation of Front Desk specialist
  • Management of Clinical Functions
    • Patient flow analysis
    • Patient Education
    • Clinical Procedures
    • Lab Procedures (including CLIA compliance)
    • Ancillary services
    • Integration with other business (fitness centers, Urgent Care centers etc)
    • PRM (patient relationship management)- priority listing of patients to maximize clinical outcomes, patient tracking tools and “BOOK OF BUSINESS” (BoB) management and integration of our
    • FTF (Failure to Follow) protocols and execution
    • Management of Integration between specialties/subspecialties and Team Meetings

    In conjunction with the billers, manage the productivity reports of clinical and nonclinical staff and execute accordingly

  • Management of Patient Relations and Marketing
    • Internal and External Marketing strategies
    • Monitoring and tracking ROI (via Marketing Analytics)
    • Patient Satisfaction surveys, FTF TM system and online reviews
    • Proprietary Patient Relationship Management System
  • Management of Human Resources

    P4M will hire the appropriate managers to execute on the management protocols at the clinical level. The manager will be trained for:

    • Personnel needs assessment
    • Hiring and training of staff
    • Performance evaluation
    • Recruitment and terminations
    • Personnel policies / employee handbooks
    • Compensation incentives, and fringe benefits
    • Job descriptions and training
    • Time management

    P4M will oversee the clinical manager’s performance and hire/fire/train accordingly.

  • Revenue Cycle Management and Financial Management
    Training and hiring of appropriate billers and construction of the internal billing infrastructure at the clinical level and suggest firing of underperforming staff
    • The staff will be trained in our proprietary reporting systems, AR management/billing protocols and Fee schedule management
    • Integrate with Clinic Analytics TM for timely reporting of staff (clinical)
    Oversight and feedback from P4M’s billing / finance department on proper execution of billing protocols and revenue cycle management